Nature is something I enjoy contemplating

Dagmar was born & most of her childhood spent in Czechoslovakia ( now Czech Republic )

Dagmar Maini is a professional woodwork & marquetry artist in Brisbane.  The local artist combines her marquetry with woodcarving, engraving and colours. 

Marquetry is the art and craft of applying pieces of veneer to a structure to form decorative patterns and designs.

Wood veneers have been used in furniture making for over 200 years and are most often associated with European luxury and privilege.

 I love materials and design that are not traditionally associated with mass production and standards of perfection. Each piece is a reminder of the close relationship that exists between us and Mother Earth.

“….There is invisible raw energy locked inside every wooden handmade piece.  I let the grain of the wood lead and inspire me. Nature is something I enjoy contemplating in the real.

 Dagmar Maini wooden wall art is all hand crafted.  All Dagmar Maini  sculptural wooden wall hangings are intense.  Intense with design, detail, materials and inspiration.

Dagmar Maini Wooden Wall Art Brisbane Studio


Valued Customer Feedback


"I was really impressed with the quality of the work that I received from Dagmar. I love knowing that I’m supporting artists from around the world.”


“Stunning work! The end product exceeded my expectations and I definitely got the reaction I was looking for, a truly wonderful piece of work!”


"I am a proud owner of beautiful Wallhanging, made by Dagmar. I look forward to following her bright career.”

Jason & Mia

“The amazing artwork commissioned by Dagmar is beyond words. Our home is now modern and exciting with this pieces on display admired by all who visit. Dagmar is very professional and ensuring the customer is totally happy”

Smith Family

“I just want to thank you for the absolutely fabulous Wallhanging you have recently done for us – it looks amazing. You’ve given us something very personal and special but something that we feel we can share for years. We are now planning further commissions.