Dagmar Maini Pop Art Wooden wall art

Dagmar Maini “Pop Art” Wooden Wall Art

Dagmar Maini is a professional woodwork artist in Brisbane.  Dagmar Maini uses materials and design that are not traditionally associated with mass production and standards of perfection.

Dagmar Maini wooden wall art is all hand crafted.  Many marquetry artists use a scroll saw.  Every piece Dagmar Maini uses is hand carved and cut by knife.  All Dagmar Maini sculptural wooden wall hangings are intense.  Intense with design, detail, materials and inspiration.

Pop Art is one inspiration for beautiful modern wooden wall art created at Dagmar Maini Brisbane art studio.

The wooden pop art mood board art piece shown here was created in the Brisbane studio.  Materials used by Dagmar Maini the artist in this wooden pop artwork are natural wooden veneer, mother of pearl, brass and a photo transfer method.

The pop art inspiration for this 3D piece was “thought”. Thoughts of where would our humanity be now if we did not choose the road of Capitalism? We are bombarded with so many messages and information daily.  To reconnect as a community, do we need to dis – connect?  It appears greed and stupidity are glamorised. Dirty money is normal, and we close our eyes because to see the truth is extremely uncomfortable.

Inspiration for this 3D pop art piece included walks in nature around Dagmar’s Redcliffe Peninsula neighbourhood soaking up views of old buildings and different structures to find different surfaces, textures and structures. “I never know when an idea strikes” Dagmar Maini believes.  “I love visiting local Op Shops and collecting old design magazines or art books. I love finding old artist tools and admiring their shapes and how they were used”.

A challenge with this pop art wooden wall hanging is connecting the pieces – bringing together all the miss-match ideas.  The whole art piece has different parts that need to work together – the solution is still out there Dagmar says. “It really irritates me.  It’s like you are itchy but can’t find the spot where to scratch”.

Being a new 3D pop art piece for Dagmar Maini, an ongoing challenge is overcoming artistic doubt in the creative process – having the confidence to make it well, POP!

When finished Dagmar Maini wants to display it in all its glory at her Solo exhibition in Vienna 2021 or it might be available online for sale on the Dagmar Maini website.


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