Massuri Clothing and Dagmar Maini Decor art accesories range

Dagmar Maini Wooden Decorative Décor Art.

Dagmar Maini and Massuri Clothing, Byron Bay have come together to create beautiful, sustainable wooden home décor, Christmas keepsakes and wooden wall hanging art this season.

Creating handcrafted wooden accessories and wooden hanging wall art for Massuri Clothing, Byron Bay was a wonderful and fun collaboration for Dagmar Maini. It was a no brainer to partner and work with Massuri Clothing, Byron Bay.

Their values align with Dagmar Maini artwork.  Massuri Clothing design ethically tailored garments that are locally made using natural fibres. Each wooden marquetry art piece Dagmar Maini creates, is a reminder of the close relationship that exists between us and Mother Earth.  Dagmar Maini works with different wood mediums – wooden veneers, stone veneer, brass and gemstones like mother of pearl, and turquoise.

Marquetry wood art is time consuming, pain & passion but so rewarding!  It allows Dagmar to produce more detailed work.  “Marquetry challenges me to pay close attention to detail.  Every cut has intention, and I let the grain of the wood lead and inspire me”, says Dagmar Maini.

Dagmar Maini is creating for Massuri Clothing, Byron Bay cute little crosses, boho bull heads and wooden Christmas décor accessories.  Along with bespoke wooden art wall hangings available exclusively at Massuri Clothing, Byron Bay.

Different wood veneers and gemstones like turquoise and mother of pearl and other chosen natural materials will be used to make these bespoke pieces.

“There is an overwhelming amount of fast fashion and fast home décor accessories to beautify yourself, your home and your office available in many stores, every day and for all seasons”, says Dagmar Maini.  It is hard to compete with bulk manufactured items and wonderfully affordable price points.

However, people do seek one of a kind, locally handcrafted ethical and sustainable fashion, home décor accessories and one of a kind wooden hanging wall art that become focal points and perhaps conversation starters in their home or office space.

Dagmar Maini wooden art decor accesories

This is the art space Dagmar Maini thrives in and gravitates towards.  Original, bespoke, handcrafted, sustainable and beautiful pieces that speak to people.

Dagmar Maini is a professional woodwork artist in Brisbane.  Dagmar Maini uses materials and design that are not traditionally associated with mass production and standards of perfection.

Dagmar Maini wooden wall art is all hand crafted.  Every piece Dagmar Maini use is hand carved and cut by knife.  All Dagmar Maini sculptural wooden wall hangings and art sculptures are intense.  Intense with design, detail, materials and inspiration.

When finished Dagmar Maini will be selling these gorgeous home décor accessories, Christmas keepsakes and original wooden hanging wall art pieces at Massuri Clothing, Byron Bay.

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