hand carved crosses with turquoise inlay Dagmar Maini wall art Brisbane

Hand Carved Crosses with Turquoise Inlay

Dagmar Maini hand carved crosses with turquoise inlay measure 40 x 40cm and are for sale $150 each.  A perfect bespoke hand crafted wooden wall art peice for you or someone special.  A perfect gift perhaps this Christmas or a different house warming gift idea?

Wooden marquetry wall art is affordable, sustainable and natural.  Check out Dagmar Maini online art store for more ornamental wall art for sale.  The hand carved cross with turquoise inlay wall art takes 1 week to custom make especially for you. Shipping is Australia wide and local free pick is available.

Dagmar Maini is a professional woodwork artist in Brisbane.  Dagmar Maini uses natural materials and marquetry design that are not traditionally associated with mass production and standards of perfection.

Every piece Dagmar Maini uses is hand carved and cut by knife.  All Dagmar Maini sculptural wooden wall hangings are intense.  Intense with design, detail, materials and inspiration.

Affordable, beautiful, sustainable natural wood marquetry art with a modern twist for you to enjoy for years to come.

Dagmar Maini.  Wooden marquetry wall art you love to hang.

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