Dagmar Maini indoor wood business signage ideas

Make Your Brand a Work of Art!

Make your brand a work of art..how? Make an artistic statement for your business and your brand.  Indoor wooden business signage to reinforce your brand, could well be the “art decor” answer for your reception space, boardroom, client areas or office.

So much more than indoor advertising.  It doubles as amazing wood wall art for your place of business.

Your indoor corporate signage will be a piece of handcrafted wooden art.  Why not use your business signage as wooden wall hanging art in your office space, reception, boardroom, client areas.  Not only are you reinforcing your corporate brand, you are displaying a truly custom wooden art business sign.

Beautiful, modern, affordable handcrafted wooden art signage is for everyone to enjoy!  Original, bespoke, handcrafted and sustainable pieces that speak to people – this is the style of art Dagmar Maini thrives on to create for clients.

Dagmar Maini would love to discuss your business wood art signage ideas. Each wooden business signage is custom made by Dagmar Maini in her Brisbane studio.

Dagmar Maini is a professional woodwork artist in Brisbane.  Dagmar Maini uses materials and design that are not traditionally associated with mass production and standards of perfection.

Dagmar Maini wooden wall art business signage is all hand crafted.  Every piece Dagmar Maini use is hand carved and cut by knife.  All Dagmar Maini sculptural wooden wall hangings and art sculptures are intense.  Intense with design, detail, materials and inspiration.

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